Thursday, September 9, 2010

Truly Enjoying Each Moment... Truly!

We generally do not see this, but breaking down each divisible moment – and living ‘there’ – is what we often subconsciously resist. We have to ask, “Why?”

There are millions of chimeras shining the ‘live now, live presently, a moment at a time’ campaign. Not only does the world incessantly promote this (including, for instance, this blog site) our very souls groan for more outer and inner peace. And how many of us really get there—to the epicentres of our very own palaces of placation?

The title of this article is hence quite a promise.

Perhaps in even running close to achieving our objective we need to flip our thinking. Maybe it’s about focusing not simply on things to do, but also on those things not to do.

Resisting the Moment

I’ve found I often subconsciously skirt the issues of relevance in life by way of simply putting them off. Even though I’m not characteristically a procrastinator, it is easy to go the comfortable way, the way of the entrenched patterns of habit.

But, the ironic thing is by doing this—by staying in the comfort zone—we invariably miss out on the special nuances of the moment and what it has to offer.

Resolving this is mostly a matter of awareness. Even if we’re aware we’re choosing the comfortable way, we then have time to reflect for a while, which is allowing the mind time to develop the inertia required at the heart level toward commitment to change that sticks.

It sounds painful but in essence it’s what’s required to be free to enjoy the moment if there are other things in the way—which is our veritable reality.

Doing the Uncomfortable, ‘Strange’ Thing

For many of us, sitting within our moments is quite an initially uncomfortable thing.

To break past the norm and do the unusual thing for us will have us feeling weird for a short time, sure, but then soon we’re learning very much more about ourselves, life, and indeed the moment.

It’s funny, but when we get to this place, it’s calmly reassuring and the moment can be simply enjoyed—just for ‘what’ it is. Certainly as we’re free of our burdensome thoughts, those burdening also the heart, the moments become ours in any event.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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