Saturday, September 18, 2010

Messes and Tests – the Making of Us

“Your mess becomes your message; your test becomes your testimony.”

~Jade Lewis (paraphrased).

The come-from-behind story always has a way of inspiring us. Yet, little do many of us reckon that as a personal charge with which to inspire ourselves and possibly others. We all have our messes and tests that speak remarkably of our resilience through life.

The purpose of the mess life’s been or become is so we will have a message.

The purpose of the test right now is so we will have a testimony later on.

The higher the mount to climb, the more exhilarating the victory is experienced at the crest.

“You’ll See,” Indeed!

Faith holds onto these mirages of hope. It knows this and it feels inspired, even before anything of lasting reconciliation is achieved. We may still be all at sea, yet we can say very honestly and staunchly to ourselves, “You’ll see!”

And we always do.

As we hold on courageously through the belligerent struggles right now, God confirms it—“You’ll see, when I’ve achieved my purpose in you.”

God never gives us messes and tests, but God sure does make it possible for us to mould these things into the very best there can be. And victory it is that speaks itself forth no matter our messes and tests.

The worse they are or they’ve been, the more inspiring the victory when God’s finished.

Hang on... you’ll see. Smile... grin and bear it and you shall see.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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