Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today I Will Be Happy

Patient with me I am to be, patient too with others also, patient especially as circumstances flee, patience for me I can always know.

All that stands before me now is that sense that I can either be for myself or against myself. God will allow both. God says to me, “The ball’s in your court now.”

As I choose to live one moment at a time I am extended, by God, the luxury of being the master of my ship, the captain of my soul. It’s down to me. Simple.

Nothing and no one ever forces me to do a thing beyond the will of the Lord my God.

A Catalyst for Action

And, so, what am I doing and what am I to do?

I will live for the moment that God gives me reign over—in good and steady conscience—and I will live this moment for God and for God’s greater purposes, however small they might individually be.

This moment will be cherished as a Divine appointment with the equivalent fanfare accorded every other moment. All moments are precious.

I will live beyond any claims of guilt or shame attaching themselves to me. These rogues of torment do not belong clung to my spiritual hardware. For these I will not accede. I go to God and beseech the grace of the Divine nature. And grace it will be all over me.

And despite my present problems, which generally seem outside my direct control, I will choose to be content and know that tranquillity of soul is provincially mine at the decision of my will—to place that act of faith of mine in God.

God be with me.

Post Script: these words are from one of my recent journal entries. It’s a good thing when we’re feeling on top of things to spend some time ‘bottling’ the feelings of capability for those times when we’ll need quite an urgent top-up.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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