Friday, September 24, 2010

The Biggest Difference

It is nothing unusual in life to find a distance between one’s desires and one’s reality. Even when we’ve found God we still won’t reconcile that enormous chasm—not ultimately.

This has a big correlation with our life purpose: our search and our purpose. They’re incredibly congruent with each other. Making the biggest difference we can is actually going to not only help others’ lives it’s fundamentally shifting ours in the right direction too.

Waking one day with that weight on my heart,

Times as they are had come,

Now it has fallen straight to my part,

Good deeds their time to be done.

Failure upon failure stood me in good stead,

Considering the background and muse,

Known it’s time come – believe instead,

No longer seeing the ruse.

As I look back not halfway there,

Daring to contest and grapple,

Finding resolve and none to spare,

Appreciate the value of struggle.

The biggest difference I can make in life,

To be afforded a place to make,

Upon others the opportunity’s rife,

A time to ply my God-felt stake.


The biggest difference we can make is found when we come faithfully to the end of ourselves.

We will all struggle to get to this point; to find peace in it, and to go onto that biggest difference any of us can make, however small that might be.

We need to lose ourselves in love; to that thing or things that are meant for us, whatever these are.

Finding our place in the world is as complete a task as any of us will ever find. Finally we’re home, truly. Then we learn it’s an ongoing task, one to work out in joy.

Our search and our purpose... these two stand before us to be both discovered and conquered. Our task is to always present faithfully for duty to those two great ends.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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