Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mastering the Mechanics of Godly Instinct

A person with a well-informed sense of faith is the one most blessed to operate most of the time via pure instinct. This, otherwise, is the unquestioned obedience of the believer owned to God’s heart centrally and unequivocally.

The practice of sheer instinct—accounted for in the moment to the God-conscience within—is human mastery; the best there’s ever been or will be. It’s not perfection, but it is honed, God-blessed obedience... to do now, and without question.

When ‘Control’ is Returned

At some point in a believer’s life—having genuinely surrendered and handed their ‘ignition keys’ back to their Master, those same keys that in effect ruined their life—those very same keys are thrust back into their hand... (Not immediately does this occur, but we see it as a function of hindsight—God is asking us to lead for the Spirit’s purposes in all that we do.)

God here is embellishing our hearts to follow the purposes placed there.

The Lord will not do this until it’s known that we’ll unequivocally run for the purposes of the Spirit—by and large—or, in other words, when we no longer care for one iota of our selfish selves.

And when this has occurred there is the blessing of God-cognisance; the matters of God at the forefront of our thinking as they pertain to our directly-manifest lives.

Pure Instinct

There is a place, we have to believe, where life—the thought-life—is seamless. It is rooted in a flow that is beyond the striving, duplicitous and dyspraxic human heart.

This is not perfection at all, for it comes and goes; but it does become more and more our way of living.

We can pray for it as much as we like, but it is best just simply practiced.

This is knowing the instinct of God the instant it arrives in the conscious mind and then doing that thing straight away. We’ll know it is God behind it via our results. Our words and deeds are diligent, affirming, loving, encouraging and prudent.

And God, in this, buoys our confidence to rest in this instinct that is placed more firmly in our hearts and minds. More peace is known.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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  1. Thats is great teaching that doesnt get taught enough and is blessed way to live our lives.


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