Saturday, September 11, 2010

A-Day... Every Week Has Room for One

“A” is for Adrenalin. It is also for Action. Thirdly, it’s for Authenticity.

Every single week of our lives deserves at least one A-Day, where—like in ancient Israel they’d celebrate Jubilee one year in every seven years, and in the seventh iteration i.e. the fiftieth year—we do it once every seven days.

When we throw ourselves into life one day per week our lives are better for it in at least three ways:

1. By not putting off a thing and indeed foretelling activities we’ll need to initiate or complete, and by getting these done, we enjoy the concept of Sabbath—for no Sabbath is good without first working for it.

2. We free ourselves up for a more peace-filled life the rest of the week because our consciences are not loaded up with an unending suite of tasks and relationships we feel guilty for, i.e. for not attending to them or missing the mark on them.

3. Most of all we’re attracting more control over our lives by simply being proactive. Once we try this we find very quickly that pressure from certain circles diminishes; in this, we’re forming for ourselves options for the remainder of our time.

Importantly, we need to see that having one A-Day per week means we can have six other very reasonably-paced days, not that our A-Day has to be particularly frenetic. It’s just rooted in the sense of a militarised order that does and does and does... all the things that come to mind. It plans, prepares and provides, now, while it has time.

We can even get to a point where we look forward to our A-Day’s because we’re so fulfilled from the fruit of our work.

The Broader Concept

Many people may perhaps find the principle of A-Day unbecoming or even abhorrent. The concept, however, is built from the concept of Sabbath i.e. understanding that we all need our rest, and that rest comes earned from work.

Another general premise: before our A-Day’s we’re best having some sort of rest day, so we’re fresh, lively and inspired to perform.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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