Sunday, September 5, 2010

#1 Reason to Enjoy Life to the Full

... The other option – to live death – does not bear consideration.

This truly is a very simple matter.

To enjoy life or not really doesn’t require a lot of thought. Why would we not choose to enjoy our lives, and make the most from them, when it is death that stares us in the face—be it the death of the moment upon us right now, or that journey to the ether beyond the physical life?

Here is the simplistic message. There are two ways: black and white with no grey.

To loath our existence—even to have a ‘bad day’—is spending a luxury we don’t really have.

And, yet, such is the grace of God we’ll probably have tomorrow to start all over again.

Tomorrow’s reality is today’s finality. Our tomorrows are destined in our to-day.

Carpe Diem means ‘seize the day’. Take it or it will take you.

Breathe. Listen. Feel. Ponder. Protect. Walk. Gaze. Wonder. Mourn. Laze. Laugh. Moan. Exhilarate. Droll. Smooth. Temper. Engage. Smile. Inculcate. Plan. Execute. Now.

Now is all we have. We could be dead soon, and if we don’t live we’re dead already.

God is screaming this message; we hear it if we’re capable. And if we aren’t, God understands. God’s grace waits. It is patient. Always.

Hold someone’s hand. Kiss someone. Hold them tight.

Love now while there’s still time. Look them in the eye like you mean it.

Cherish the bliss of being. We are not human doings, we’re human beings.

Expand. Excite. Believe. Do. Halt. Chill. Analyse. Accept.

Truly, death – whether physical or spiritual – is not an attractive option. Not compared with life.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.


  1. Awesome read Steve, I liked it very much. I spent 30 years as a zombie, the walking dead. Then one day the light came on. God was still waiting,and it is like the last 30 years didn't exist now. The light is finally on and someone is home. My soul is alive again. I highly recommend life over death any day.:) Go with God!

  2. Praise God, Raven Song. Wow, I'm so pleased that I wrote this today because we were meant to have this little interaction... praise God for life, indeed! Blessings, Steve.


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