Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different

Whether things get too much or there’s just the need for a change of scenery, we just as easily make the snap decision to depart. And, if we wish, go we can and go we do – it’s really as simple as that.

Ancient history. That’s what our pasts are, even a day ago. This is not, however, about denying who we are; it’s more about denying—in a victory-immersed faith—the power of our pasts to control our futures.

Our time starts now. What we have, in these terms—life—is not really a continuation of anything beyond that which we accept. If change must come and it doesn’t come—and we’re propagating madness in that—we’re obeying a continuation of things instead of the power to call an end to one reality for the release of another.

Releasing Another Destiny

The risen power of God is the victory that all other syncretistic faiths claim is theirs. Any power that looks like God or smells like God, is God, however veiled.

This power is not only mighty to save, it’s mighty for change as well.

It’s the mind in cohesion with God; the heart submitting to the mind—all in unison for the project at hand.

Releasing another destiny is taking hold of that vision-of-truth and showering vast portions of reconciled belief—which is from the power of the Spirit—all over it. It can know no end; but it’s up to us and our fortitude of reason, resilience and temperance—in sum, staying power.

It might even seem that weights of effort are required, but that’s hardly the point at all. Once the decision’s made in wisdom, caring to divert as necessary, wisdom joins with courage to continue until the course is charted, secured and traversed.

Not only do we inspire others by way of our newfound commitment, our own inspiration powers us onto even greater heights.

Not Tomorrow, Today

Planning is a key but so is execution. We can easily do it now provided the rudiments of change are in order.

And though we fail—like the battle conceded—we will not ultimately give up; we will have our victory because we believe, like the phoenix, in rising from the ashes.

God is with us today. God blesses the diligence with which we strike. Blows come and blows they’ll be, but in the midst of it we’ll stand. This day—this very day—God will help us know that yesterday is ancient history.

Today we have time for something completely different if we want it bad enough.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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