Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Art of Retaining Bliss

Wondrous countenance finds our person steady,

Fits of glorious ecstasy indelible to the touch,

Meddling cannot be for us a picture of a wedding,

Still we constantly ask ourselves, “Is this all too much?”

Hardly ones to buck the trend,

Go forth, hither and glow,

Time as it is hastened to bend,

Bliss we only hope to grow.

Present it is and present we know,

Beyond the eternal gasp,

Try as we might we pray not blow,

Opportunities like these to last.

Then we find we lose the grasp,

Sudden it comes to be,

Until comes time to climb the mast,

Sail again to lee.

Then it finds us happy again,

Fair-weather, aplomb and spree,

Confirming right now, taking the lane,

Determined we are to be.

Chirpiness and light befalls us now,

Despite curtains deep otherwise,

Surprise and abundance make us to bow,

To what we must comprise.

Joy it is we must contain,

Battle-weary and construed,

Pleasures they are not to constrain,

Our minds not left unglued.


Retaining bliss or ‘bottling the moment’ is something we all wish we could do more of... and indeed we can and do become better at it with the years.

Bliss-contending joy is something of a flow. We harness and contain it pleasantly it seems. Finding our way through our day-to-day and shoring up our contentment with life is augmented and managed as we get better at knowing ourselves.

Surely in this is our life call; to understand what we were put here on this earth for in these bodies and minds of ours. And that is joy. To simply live it... whatever ‘it’ is... guilt-free.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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