Sunday, September 19, 2010

States of the Heart

There is a place at any point in time – along a continuum – where our hearts are at. We invest in our choice to be present there, though sometimes we’re kidnapped by a presence all-too-familiar, though foreign and divisive.

The state of our hearts is that honest place where we fool no one, least of all ourselves.

It’s a place we’re found, and from there we choose to travel onto either friendlier territory or we set down our roots.

Peace is the key indicator of our motive to stay or move. We can’t help desire our peace; and this peace from our values and beliefs held deep down below.

As the state of our hearts are communicated back to our conscious awareness—our minds now informed upon their enquiring—we have the choice: to stay or to move; to propagate or to relinquish; to bind or to loosen.

And all that subsists between is the courage to do either the one or the other; to do that thing that God has willed for us to do—to pick it up and go through that motion that implies itself through our conscience.

At last it is choice that stands between us and our peace—the peace that God grants eternally and the peace God has forgiven us for.

Peace is a lantern fired in the dew,

Blowing off the moisture deluding the truth,

Hearts they are now to accede to new,

Choice is for us conforming to sleuth.

Nothing stands beyond us achieving our peace,

Releasing the brakes of cherished golden pride,

Courage to go beyond selfish stored feast,

Faith to go on heavenward’s ride.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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