Sunday, September 26, 2010


Scarcely do we even realise, freedom’s our beckon call. Stifled by very many senses of captivity we don’t see what is right there in front and all around us. Tricked, we don’t live the free life – the life God came to give us, freely.

Freedom is the thing that stands for time in memoriam. It stakes its claim over our hearts, imploring our hearts to take it and to move on in life.

What is holding you back?

Taking this time and this opportunity that God is providing—yes, right now—is but merely a matter of choice. Most times it’s about simply choosing to see... to undertake that great program of vision that God’s called us to... to hear God’s still, silent and Spiritual voice as it is speaking through our lives.

Breaking Past Those Mind Limits

Our minds either liberate us or bond us—and it’s a spiritual means to both of those ends. Either method or destination is ours simply at our choosing. It almost sounds too simple, doesn’t it? But it’s amazingly true.

Choosing a mind that will serve us instead of a mind that will lord it over us is easier than we think. It takes courage, persistence and resilience. Courage to make the move, be its master, and keep going; persistence to not give up altogether when we get tired; and, resilience to not get despondent when we fall into our old habits, which we’re destined to do from time to time.

It’s Your Life – Take It!

I recall a vision for my own life... Jesus standing there perplexed at how I was then living my life—saved but bonded at the same time—and just as if to say, “Just take this freedom I’m giving you—it’s yours to take!”

At any moment of our choosing—and despite any of our colluding circumstances—we can take this freedom to the very limits of our imaginations.

This must surely cause us to be thankful to God for the ever-abundant riches of grace.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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