Saturday, September 25, 2010

If I Was Not Here

One minute to live and abruptly an outpouring arrives – the important things are laid out upon the table. Suddenly nothing else matters.

The concept of eternity enshrines all things. When all of life pales into insignificance eternity shines ever brightly. At some point it will be appropriate for us to consider:

If I was not here,

My family would survive,

And though they’d miss me dearly,

At acceptance they’d at last arrive.

If I was not here,

My job would still exist,

A replacement they’d find near,

Time only gaps found to persist.

If I was not here the world would still spin,

Chugging along despite anxious thought,

For I’ll have had my time – my chance to grin,

Calling again now at my eternal port.

If I was not here the world would be short,

Of contributions mine they’d already had,

Especially from me and my type of sort,

Hopefully it is they’ll feel glad.


For some it’s an unattractive subject. But it beckons all the same. Gone we’ll be at some point and leave we will this world; everything we see now, for us, gone forever.

It’s not a depressing subject when we consider no one cheats death. All travel its dark and dusty road, into the beaming light that sits destined on eternity’s horizon.

Contending with this idea is good.

It centralises us to why we’re here, and but for a time; our time.

Whilst it subsists we live—cast in the guise of a death that sits just over us—excited to live its entire length, and hopefully determined to make the most we can from each moment, but from the context of the living the longer term objective.

There too involves balance... to live full-on—with passion and purpose—but with a harmonious poise; enough for the longevity of the journey.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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