Monday, September 27, 2010

Finding Space for Balance

Our life purpose is to attain and maintain balance – do this and we ameliorate satisfaction. But, we won’t know what this individualised balance means until afterwards. Finding space for balance is the key driver for our lives.

This is not about a selfish sense of satisfaction. It may involve personal blessing but most times personal blessing is received through the interpersonal impartation of blessing to others, i.e. through the giving of ourselves.

Addressing the Mystery – Balance and Eternity

Life, eternity and balance are examples of mystery. We know we’ll never know. As much as eternity is set inside our hearts—ours to grapple with per the subject of death and life (or not) thereafter—balance is accorded easily as much interest.

Balance is to this life as eternity is to death.

Both are mysteries we can but attempt to understand. And even if we are destined never to understand we’ll always still be seeking to know why. It is strange, and indeed fascinating, that we can’t help but claw at the non-definable things in life, desperate as we are to get below the hard veneer.

Without making light of this eternal gap there are some things we can do to improve our situations so far as balance is concerned, but that’ll necessarily involve some tough decisions.

Extracting Space

Balance is a thing of mathematics. So much input dictates so much output.

The problem comes when we compress like a gas more activity than our minds and schedules can readily handle. If only time for us was more like water—incompressible. And indeed it is! It’s us that somehow want to defy this ‘freak’ of nature.

Even though we’re confined to linear space (a.k.a. time), and this at times seems rudely cruel to us when we could do with more, we can be thankful that apart from some flexibility this is a matter of dealing with quite simple logic.

Perhaps the only way many of us will achieve better balance is to create the space for it, and we just as easily extract some of the wasted space in our lives as in the principle of a vacuum. We create void spaces, not for time-empty ventures, but for good activities to meet our wholeness needs.

Wholeness Needs

This life is not just about us and our needs and wants. Most of us understand and actively accept this.

Where we struggle in fitting our lives out in balanced ways, is against the datum of eternity. Without an accurate and awed sense of eternity throbbing away within our minds and hearts we’ll most likely miss the point of life and, hence, fill our lives—at least in part—with silly and pointless activities in that context of eternity.

Our wholeness needs are central to those all around us. We were created to be whole and to live whole lives wherever that is possible for us. Balance is the shortest way of getting us there.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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