Friday, July 23, 2010

When Comes the Call to STOP!

The anger of frustration crowds in within our ‘right now’s’ and we can scarcely believe within ourselves how tremulous we’re feeling. We cannot contain it much longer. We feel likely to explode as this gently-growing fury boils over—white hot—burning inside us just now.

No one understands this but us; yet, so strangely all are confounded (yes, without exception) by the same set of prattling circumstances—at the value custom-designed to the person.

And it means nothing really how mature or ‘refined’ we are. We all have our bursting points where going ‘spare’ will be our thing, however fleeting or semi-permanent it is.

So what?

Perhaps we’ve contained within ourselves a long hoped-for dream, or we’ve put it off, or perhaps it just isn’t materialising for us. Maybe it’s something entirely off the curve. Whatever, really it doesn’t matter—we’re ‘here’ now and now we have to manage our chiding emotions before we damage things or things damage us.

Indeed, perhaps we’ve even scared ourselves and others—including our loved ones—with what has already taken place. The warning signs are now a glowing beacon, beckoning us to wake up and stand firm for ourselves... to change, no less... to STOP!


Stopping takes awareness and courage; it also takes the wisdom of insight, as we prophesy a ‘good word’ over our own lives.

It can be a thoroughly hard and seemingly impossible thing; from this angle it is. But, surely we’ve done something before to emend a situation such as this?

We call home to something familiar.

We take that break that we’ve long promised ourselves. Or sometimes it’s about just getting creative again. Maybe we just need space.

Whatever, time is now to do it.

Waving the Gracious White Flag

We take that white flag of reservation and we wave it before our heart, the heart beating calmly again... sweet surrender is welcomed at this point as the point of relief we have so sought.

White flags are great. There is oxygen for life in the function of the flag, and peace, finally.

From this position we look back over that felt anger of frustration and we’re both bewildered by what it was about and satisfied relating to what has now even serendipitously come to pass.

Then as we quaff a well-deserved cool glass of water, we smile, resting, knowing, reflecting; time, again, has been found in all this—we escaped the horrible gauntlet right now, and this ‘now’ is now bliss!

How would it be to make a habit of doing this in all our frustrated moments?

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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