Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Psychology of Obedience

Obedience bemuses; its lustre, elusive. When we least want to obey, but do so, we can still gain. Where all power to obey is lost, however, then we stand only to lose.

Self-discipline is a key to the spiritual life so far as growth and renewal is concerned.

This speaks to the things we know are good for us, but for some reason—at times—we can’t or don’t issue the order to follow. In spiritual lock-down we grunt and groan, loath to do the very things we know will be good for us; those we need to do.

Our growth, we know, is possibly to be stunted as we turn nonchalantly away, acknowledging same. We’re not to be renewed—perhaps we don’t even have the energy right now for ‘renewal’. Maybe survival is all we wish for.

Enduring a Necessary ‘Pain’

There is often-times pain in obedience, but the pain must be ‘enjoyed’ so the blessing can be had... later. We always enjoy later what we sow now.

At times we know we must reflect, pray, meditate and do our devotions, and we must therefore defeat that little strangling voice within, telling us, “Not today, just something easier and less cumbersome, please.”

It is wisdom that speaks to counter the little strangling voice—it says, “Endure the pain this very second and in faith thirty seconds out the reward will be there.”

The will of the mind in these situations is all that’s required.

Make the right (wise) choice. Push through the enemy’s devious tirade. It takes us exactly nowhere.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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