Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stopping to Watch the World Spin

Stopping just long enough to marvel at all there truly is and all that happens in our world—that is blessing.

Just every now and then we’re most blessed to take a morning, a day, or even a few hours to stop. Whilst we stop and take a look around we note how fragile we really are in this world and just how voluminous the world is.

This is a great reminder of how privileged our place in this living system called “our existence” is.

The Subject of ‘Sabbath’

To stop the rush and hustle and bustle of life, even for one day every few months (if not more frequently) and stand still—and certainly every time we feel wearied by our place in the world—is a vast though simple wisdom action. It’s even better to truly structure life for a conventional Sabbath every week.

What’s most fascinating about the world is just how complex it is and how remarkably smoothly it runs, given just how ‘big’ everything is.

Time to Marvel

Size is a marvel. We just have to appreciate how finely balanced things like our economies are, not to mention transport networks, internet technology and administrations of medical care systems etc. Notwithstanding all the faults inherent in any system, isn’t it marvellous how comparatively well-structured our societies are?

Taking the appreciative look helps open our minds to the vastness in the complexity—and to thank God for it all.

But it’s up to us to stop. No one can force us to stop. And though it’s altogether too easy to see the wrong in the world, we really are the beneficiaries when we elect to see the positives—there are worlds of positives to see.

And when we’ve marvelled enough at the world, we shouldn’t forget to look up; not to thank God—for which we’ve done—but to worship and praise the Deity who is responsible for it all.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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