Thursday, July 22, 2010

What CANCER is Self-Selecting Us?

In life, very often, we’re given the luxury of gazing, in a healthy way, at life’s crystal ball—to see what health problems lay there in front of us; to ‘prophesy’ over our pains and our demise as a way of fixing, or planning for, what may eventually happen, now.

Okay, perhaps this is an ideal too far away from many of us yet. (That statement itself is a folly if we’ll re-read it in the knowledge of those we’ve known who’ve passed already.)

Still, we should know, many of the antecedent issues propelling us to cancers are the very things we’re doing or not doing now; though, of course, this is not always the way—some things are in our DNA and we must just be plain watchful.

And yet, the ‘nurture’ side of the health debate will contend, as sure as one thing leads to another; we’re being given the very real chances to modify our approaches now, if only we’ll listen.

Nature versus Nurture

The cataclysmic tension: all of life swings at these two posts—the God-anointed barrel in contention, practically, with these. Our health issues are either part of us already, or we’re making them part of us by the way we choose to live.

Stop Worrying

Worrying causes stress which elevates those bad issues, notionally the free radicals which cause cancer, and all sorts of other problems. Worrying is causing us to age prematurely—in more ways than one—and it’s killing us silently by the millions.

Enter the import of faith.

Faith, and faith alone—the practical execution of faith—is the only contender big enough to quash the nemesis that worry is for many of us.

We Must Eat Greens

Take it as a reminder that everything that goes into us has an effect on us. What we eat and drink now, including how much, is paving for us our very destinies. Why would we not learn now what is good for us and actually engage in those practices?

We can change our ways in the blink of an eye. One solid decision is all it takes to set the wheels in motion.

We Must Check Our Breasts

This is a hard thing for males, particularly, to do. Only occasionally, even rarely, will a male develop breast cancer. But millions upon millions of women do! This cancer is an aggressive killer. Early detection is our only chance.

Go to the Toilet

This is a big one for males. Prostate cancer is on the rise. Without ‘too much information,’ one period of poorly-managed stress in my life, nine years ago now, means I’ll have to continue to watch this area. When we feel like ‘going’ we should go!


One wonders what role a lack of sleep is playing in the setting-up of cancer in the human genome, especially in a generation where people think they’ll sleep when they’re dead. (They’re right about that one.) Sleep is one of the most important—and some would contend the most important of—investments in our overall health.

Is This Not Spiritual?

Prophesying over our lives by the telling of cause and effect and how that may occur is merely using the preeminent portents of wisdom to plan for the best of life.

Perhaps this sort of exercise was never more spiritual?

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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