Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Many situations in life are not fixable via one set way of fixing them. There are many ways to the same end.

Options present themselves all the time.

But, the problem overlying ‘the problem,’ i.e. the one(s) we have right now, is we want to justify our preconceptions.

One of my favourite sages, Balthasar Gracian, has said that it’s often good to occasionally reconsider our decisions-of-instinct; even better to have the courage to act on second thoughts—though we should bear in mind that indecision is eventually a nemesis. (Although not deciding for a while is not always indecision!)

The higher mind has about it the ability to consider; saying, “Could be,” in the presence of presented ‘fact,’ which many who use the default less-enquiring lower mind take as simply established. These people would even at times castigate the less enthusiastic enquirer for their ‘lack of faith,’ in not just boldly committing to a view or decision in the light of what seems immediately and blindingly apparent.

The higher mind, therefore, requires the courage-of-confidence to deliver its own verdict, to edict delay, and even be able to sit on the fence for a time. Again, this can be a decisive delay.

There’s nothing like holding out patiently to see how all the cards fall if there is time.

Life is better with options, where they’re available.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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