Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pushing On in GROWTH

Growth in things we love is always exciting, and never daunting, even if it’s somewhat occasionally scary.

Our passionate loves in life always find us and not the other way around. This is something of discovery—a sort of reverse self discovery.

When we suddenly find we’re intrinsically drawn to the thing we’re doing, wanting it more and more—and it’s good for us—the thing has found us and we’re eternally grateful.

Suddenly, we can feel the pull of God, a call from the heavens. Life just seems to make sense now, but with it, frustration—whenever we can’t do what we feel we should.

But, God always has final say, no matter of the call we think we have right now.

Patience in-dwelling, inside the call, is then the requirement. A day, perhaps two; there are the inevitable delays. And with this is an ebb and flow—a cycle of continual halt, then release, before recurring.

Patience is always needed as we delay the things we simply must do. It’s the tempering of hardened steel in our approach to life.

But we look out on hope; never failing to see what is just beyond, and preparing for that moment in resuming those planned activities.

In the meantime we’re diverting to those things that can be done in the meantime; those ‘other’ things that need doing.

Growth in such delaying circumstances only seems to be tarrying—it will still be ‘on time’.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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