Friday, July 16, 2010

A Bond to Hold – All Our Lives, Every Day

So, if we now know how we’re to respond to the trials of life, now it’s a matter of holding to that approach every day of our lives.

I wrote an article recently called, RESPONSE. The truth is a lot of the material I write about is about the same subjects: responding well; accepting our circumstances; being thankful always etc.

Now, responding well—if that’s now taken as a given—is only part one of the story. It doesn’t quite capture the need thrown upon us, to cope with the linear nature of life. In other words, it’s fine to cope in this moment, responding well today. But, what about tomorrow, next week, next month or next year?

We have a bond to create.

Developing a Bond that Will Hold Us

Bonds we normally think are bad things; holding us against our will. But this sort of bond is an oath we can make and keep via developing similar responses to our continual life situations—a pattern is what this is really about.

It’s developing the consistency of approach so that effective response becomes our staple means of dealing with life.

We can only do this when we make a pact with ourselves to do it. We won’t do it perfectly, and the acquisition of such skills of life will affix themselves slowly (and too slowly for many of us), but we will get there in faith.

Living Life One Day at a Time

There is a lot of self-forgiveness, and therefore power for self-recovery, wrapped up in living life a day at a time. We promise ourselves after a shocker the previous day to just simply move on and take this day now as it presents. We don’t harangue ourselves for poor choices yesterday; we learn from our mistakes. We convert the negative into a positive. We take life as if it’s a training course; it’s teaching us things and we’re here to learn.

When we did do well the previous day—perhaps we responded really well to a challenging situation—then we reflect and meditate over what we did right and connect it with how we felt. We let the endorphins release and we enjoy the moment; then we commit to ‘more of that’. There’s nothing wrong and everything right with this method. It’s healthy.

Day by day and year by year we must endeavour to get really consistent about approaching life via effective response.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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