Saturday, July 17, 2010


“This is not a drill, soldier. This is a live project and you are a ‘go’. Training is over.”

~Conklin to Bourne, Bourne Supremacy (2004).

It may just be a line from a motion picture but it has an indelible application in the arrangement of our own real lives.

Life – the ‘Live Project’

Responsibility—the concept—cannot be overstated. At its current potential, however, we’re generally either not responsible enough or ‘too’ responsible i.e. we’re taking responsibility for others. Both miss the mark.

A live project, as in an assignment, can only truly be delivered by one person; the person whose name’s on the job. For this reason we were born for a reason, a purpose; a succession of goals.

Life – We Are a ‘Go’

Oftentimes the military process is about training in the strategic, tactical and operational phases of projects so that soldiers and operatives will know how and when they’re authorised to engage.

They don’t ‘go’ until they’re prepared for it and are told to go. The mission cannot be compromised.

For us, we’re in life intrinsically as a ‘go’ by virtue of our presence, even if in certain aspects of it we’re still undergoing training and development (which for these we’re not a ‘go’ yet).

In general life terms, however, adult people are a ‘go’ and we have to engage with the larger world whether we like it or not. Where we refuse to engage we’re beaten back to our line and we take refuge in our trench; until the enemy hunts us there. It is much better then to take the ‘fight’ to the enemy and prepare an actual assault on life.

Live Projects to ‘Go’ On

Practically, then, this is about fighting noticeable lacks of confidence by being wisely bold—investing in courage. At times it might mean the opposite; we’re too bold and we’re best investing in the better discernment of things.

It’s about enjoying some fun, even in the midst of worrying circumstances—sure, we may not be able to stop worrying, but we can lighten our mood from time to time. We can also seek the peace and safety of God.

We should also make time for friends and allow them to help us expand our horizons, as only other people can. We cannot ‘do life’ very well alone.

Restoring balance to finances, fitness and health too all fit in the realm of the live project, as well as making the most of our time and opportunities to do good things for others.

Perhaps the most important live project is to truly get to know and accept ourselves; we’d be ever so surprised to find how many people haven’t ventured very much at all into this, the most personal and meaningful of realities.

Generally, Then...

The ‘live project’ that is our lives bodes on us to take life seriously enough that we’re appropriately diligent, with our time, our development and sense of peace, as well as in the context of our relationships. This can only be tweaked and mastered with due and periodically regular introspection.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.


  1. Never thought of in the retreating "we are waiting for the enemy" - and as we wait, he pounces. When we are fearful, we are more open to make mistakes, bad decisions... when we sit idle, we can make up what "can" happen, and worry and fret are the worst way to work through my life.

    I love the title - live project - I was talking with our volunteer, who has become a great friend, about this topic - knowing that we are in battle, that I have to keep moving forward regardless of what is ahead.

    2 Chronicles 20 came up on the conversation as my personal plan of action steps into action, I know that He has gone before me.

    The areas I have been working on finances, fitness and health are all on the top of my "fight for" list and I will add in family. And, as I fight, the joy of why I fight should shine through brightly. Thank you Steve for your great words and wisdom.

  2. Be blessed as you contend, Shawn! God is with you all the way...


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