Monday, July 19, 2010

Shades of Grey, Turning to Colour

The image of morphing hopefulness... astride the passions of life comes but a cooling wisp bound for goodness, taking us with it.

No matter the bad things that present before us today, perhaps lingering from yesterday or even the proverbial yesterday, there is a gently positive flow to the side of hope. Perhaps it’s distant, but it’s ever so surely coming to meet us.

As our shades of grey become coloured again we not only begin to see a more hope-filled picture, we see the colours like we’d never seen them.

These colours meet with enhanced vision; a skill perhaps and one certainly built in the sharpness of acuity.

This is the destiny of the forlorn soul who but hopes for the end but patiently endures, learning all it can in the meantime. The best days are yet to come as it holds that dim yet ever-so-real image before itself—the image that can’t be let go.

The shades of grey are intended to highlight the colour; they present, just like the colour, as revealing the glory of God.

God is showing us much more about life in the shades of grey. God has grasped our attention. God blesses us with insight and motive, using it to prepare our mounting skill. Making the most from it; that’s our task.

The colours will return. In the meantime, we prepare and we construct and nurture our hope.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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