Friday, July 9, 2010

Going Onto the NEXT Revelation

I may have written on this before; whatever, it’s an urgent message right now.

We’re forgiven for our weariness, but we’re ever more blessed for keeping on going, though rest is an imperative we stop for—even better, from it, to launch again from.

It seems a double-edged sword. Working onto the next revelation that God’s taking us to, or bringing us to, requires wisdom from us, so far as diligence and tenacity, as well as Sabbath, are concerned.

Rest – the Platform from Which Comes Good Works of Faith

Rest is important for this to work. Rest is humbling—it’s an admission via God that we need to surrender. It’s therefore healthy.

We come from a platform of rest. The well-rested can do almost anything. The fatigued, however, are forlorn very often and can stumble at the simplest of challenges. Establishing a base of rest—one that works for each of us as individuals—is paramount to our capability to contend onto the next revelation.

Unlocking our own ‘rest codes’ requires, of itself, a lot of introspection.

Knowing when to take naps and days out etc—to maintain our capacities—is critical in responding to the body and mind’s need for rest. This may not seem punitive, but it is, from the longer term view as we only get away with lapses to rest over the shorter term. Where we don’t ultimately respond in rest, particularly in the presence of the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue, we’ll suffer the consequences sooner or later.

Onto the Next Plane, Higher than the Last

From rest we spring up ready for contention in the stakes of the Almighty; God’s will for our lives attending.

We know the next revelations are going to be similar to what we’ve experienced, but somehow there’s a newness about them too (Isaiah 43:18-19).

Provided we’re wisely managing our reserves—which is a principality of planning; another form of diligence—we’re able to fairly fly over the high bar of presently-met challenges; this is because our attitude is piqued, strong and positive in the Lord and our confidence is being continually fed, as we indwell with the truth. All things are good.

The Role of the Will

The will—an ordinance of the mind’s power—is endemic to the function of strength, shooting past aberrant denial. The will is tempered in wisdom; to rest, to gauge, to act. The will is also prepared to go when necessary, even when the body or the spirit says no, but we know we should anyway.

The will decides.

The will, then, when the time’s right will act as our representative in faith. It will cause us to act when we need to act. Later we will thank the will for the resolve it took to continue on, or initiate or respond, when we needed to.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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