Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That Out-of-Balance World, AGAIN!

Waking up groggily to face the new day and everything we see, feel and touch seems all wrong... what to do?

Morning person of not we (by self-reflection) can’t help but instinctively think, “Why is this world against me?”

Then the next question that hurries through the mind... “How can I fix this?” A spark of momentary and sensible genius:

One Thing...

... at a time.

This might sound like an over simplification, but this is what we need right now; just to focus on process and not on the way we feel.

Process carries us gently toward, and over, the line—that line that might appear to be faint and unachievable right now. We get done what we need to do and we reclaim our momentarily shaky confidence. Process ignores gracefully that ‘right now’ we act without sufficient hope to do these things before us in joy. It re-directs our attention from the abject negative to ‘the next thing, then the next and so on’ until the job’s done.

This out-of-balance world comes mainly from a lack of planning, but it occurs for more extraneous reasons too. But that’s no matter for us right now. Recovery is the word for right now.

And whenever recovery heads the agenda, process is the sweet password taking us all the way home.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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