Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Master List

Improving ourselves is often a daunting prospect, for where do we start? I’m sure this is the wrong place to begin from.

We worry far too much in life when many of our problems and concerns might be addressed or solved through the simple use of our peripheral focus called ‘subconscious thought’.

It’s So Simple It’s Very Easy to Overlook

The Master List idea is simply about brainstorming a mind-map or list of things we’d desire to change about ourselves in the moulding of our characters toward moral virtue—the best investment we can ever make in and for ourselves.

This is so simple it’s astoundingly easy to overlook.

We make a simple list of the things that irritate us about ourselves—things we want changed—and then we place the list on a bedroom mirror, in a journal, or some other frequently accessible place.

Then we intentionally forget thinking about change.

How the Story Goes

The theory is we’ll see the items on this list so frequently—even best without noticing them—they’ll embed themselves into our subconscious minds and before we are really aware our subconscious minds will be informing our overall mind, influencing and motivating it.

It’s the movement of a kind of osmosis.

Change of the lasting variety is only a time away once we’ve set our subconscious to work. The best thing is change will begin to occur without a lot of stress and it will happen more naturally.

After all, we’ve given ourselves space to get used to the idea.

Again, We Worry Far Too Much

The whole premise here is to take the haranguing sense of pressure off ourselves—that pressure which ransoms our capacity and energy for change by strangling our joy.

It is far better to set up the environment and just let it happen. Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t still have to make the decisions for change—it’s just that the right motivation occurs at the right time, and steadily it builds.

We daren’t rush a process where we want the outcomes to truly stick.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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