Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Foraging for Gold - Part 2

Opportunities abound. Like little invisible veins of gold, they sit up for notice, though they escape our attention, failing for detection. Bemused, they think, “Maybe tomorrow...”

Part 1 of this mini-series focused on foraging in others’ worlds to help them realise their own gold; to encourage the pursuit of self-actualisation. Part 2 is an excursus from the communal world to allow for exploration into our very intrinsic and usually less-than-tidy own worlds.

Coming Home

Foraging for gold is about being so at home within our own mind that we frequent it regularly, asking the question, “What can I make out of this situation/idea/outcome.”

It continues to grow within the psyche, this golden imperative, the predilection for betterment.

The more it feeds freely at the canopy of wider explorable possibility the more it enjoys its hypertrophy; the lean ‘muscle mass’ of the mind augmented by countless added myelinations—the brain’s wiring, new neural pathways, a process never completed.

It is a bright and wonderful world that is enjoyed by the purveyor with such a mind.

Enjoying the Practice

There is something humbly inspiring about the joyous peace to explore unencumbered, around and about the face of our lives—in and around and through.

Don’t you sense it right now?

Hidden like little fire flies are these little moments that wait to be ‘had’ in the realm of daily life.

You, the individual, define it. Nobody else can.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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