Sunday, July 18, 2010

Obligating Destiny

Despite pre-marital allusions, hope-filled patterns of life get in bed with destiny—both agreeing to contend for and collude in agreement with the other.

To agree with one’s destiny, by obligation, is preparing the mind for all manner of probable possibility and even the plausibly non-probable possibility. It doesn’t leave it there, however. It plans beyond these possibilities, even to the hopes, dreams and plans of the most probable kind—to actually be prepared for the coming forms of destiny in the basis of certainty.

This can get awkward and confusing, so let’s take our time to negotiate our way through so as to not get completely lost.

Our Probable Possibilities

‘Possibility’ is the word; that which is probably going to happen to, with, through or for us. We act in preparation for what is possibly about to happen.

There’s a world of possibility also that would otherwise escape not only our attention but also our perception—the attention rejecting what was barely perceived. Our role in life is to try and understand some of this, not getting worried unnecessarily by it, but using it to broaden our horizons so we’re most prepared.

This helps us understand the context of...

Plausible, But Non-Probable, Possibilities

How often are we side-swiped by life—affected by things which have come about that completely blindsided us? However non-probable we thought they were, they did occur.

Hope is buoyed within us when we hold abridged the tension between these scatty ventures of possibility—great and terrible things personally and relationally—those which help us see life in true context, thankful for the simplicity of today, which is just the one reality—enough for any human mind.

Destiny Coming!

There are things coming at us, like that steam train coming out of the tunnel with its light bearing down and horn blaring. It calls us to get off the tracks; to do something appropriate.

There are always good things and not-so-good things coming our way. As they come, we calculate and prepare. There’s hardly anything simpler. Yet, we’re apt at either pulling it to us prematurely, grabbing it, or balking at it, denying it. Let’s let it happen of its own accord, at its proper time and in its proper way.

Summing Up

Obligating destiny is entering life entirely with hope strapped about us, come what may. It’s taking account of probability and possibility, and even shades of the perceptibly non-probable, yet still possible.

This is not a thing we can ever do anywhere near perfectly, but we still try. And our efforts commend us.

It succours hope in this way and ensures our approach to the future is hope-filled, because we’ve prepared our minds for the broad range of feasible likelihood.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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