Monday, June 4, 2012

When Will I Break, Dissolve or Wither?

Reflecting over times of mayhem, where our spirits are momentarily deathly low, we may have feared that we might break, dissolve or wither. We may have feared we would be broken beyond repair, or that we would vanish without anyone caring, or that we would simply wither in the midst of an onslaught.
Such images are frightening.
They take us from the present scariness to an altogether scarier place. This is when a daydream, like in dream sleep, takes over from reality and embellishes, cruelly, the situational landscape.
Fears are multiplied and we feel under attack.
When we feel these ways, totally at the mercy of our negative feelings, which combine with negative thoughts, and at the same time producing a downward spiral, we are introduced to panic.
It takes a wise mind to bear the burden and to navigate safely a better passage.
Any of us, however, and at any time, can utilise that part of our minds which is wise in this way.
Utilising Situation Wisdom
Wisdom chamfers the sharp edges off otherwise stressful situations. It looks for, and allows passage into, opportune moments of rest.
When we feel like we are at breaking point our conscious wisdom is advising extreme caution. Are we to listen? Will we take the symptoms as signs of a deeper cause? Will we attend to the concerns that threaten to bring us into a state of destruction?
Situational wisdom dictates we will do things we need to do.
When we feel like we are about to dissolve—our contributions flailing, unnecessary, surplus to requirements—and we feel we are becoming nothing, our conscious wisdom is causing us to re-evaluate; to give cause to reinvent. Perhaps we need rest; perhaps we don’t. But dissolving is never a nice feeling. Now, ours is the opportunity to respond.
Situational wisdom dictates we will do things we need to do.
When we are withering from one or more of many varieties of fatigue, our situational wisdom is directing us to rest. As we come to the table of life, what strength is ours and what is God’s? Have we kept in mind the need to rest?
We Are Stronger Than We Think
I recall as a young man pushing my body physically. The more I pushed physically the more I could endure. And whilst my body ages gracefully, and the wisdom of the years advises not to push so hard, it’s a great metaphor for life.
We can get far more out of ourselves than we think. But that is part of our problem. We push ourselves to hard. But, just as much, we can endure destruction, dissolution, and fatigue.
Rest is needed, and, so too, these are opportunities for learning.
At breaking point, or in dissolving, or in withering, we are reminded of the need for rest. The way we feel right now is not the end, just an important part of a fresh beginning. Taking stock of what our minds, bodies and souls are telling us is very important to do.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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