Thursday, June 21, 2012

Praying L.O.R.D. For Peace

For years I have searched for a formula that would assist me with the living of my life. I have sought just one rule, or three, and the power to rest in those rules. Alas, as a mentor once advised, I have come to believe life in its entirety cannot be formularised.
But that hasn’t stopped me searching for the comprehensive suite of formulas. And they appear never-ending. Formulas for living life, and rules for actualising our prospects, are limited only by the lack of our imaginations.
The Acronym, L.O.R.D.
The following acronym, which is a composition of prayers, may help in our fight for peace:
Let go – Lord, help me to realise, afresh, I own nothing. Help me with my infernal quest for the grasping of things. Help me to let go of those things that I covet. Convince me, again and again, of the superficiality in worldly things.
Organise – sort me, Lord. Fix within me the desire to organise things as they are. Help me to see what I have and to enjoy those things. Assist me to structure my life around the important things and not just the urgent ones.
Rest: Lord, give me rest. Help me to build my capacity to achieve rest wherever and whenever I am. Help me to look forward to restful times in spite of the chaos that may confront me in the now.
Direct me, Lord. Direct my life into your perfect paths. Keep me on the straight road. Humble me when my pride overrides. My propensity is to wander, my Saviour, and yours is to redeem. Redeem me each moment I find myself foreign to your sense.
Lord, help me to let go,
Sort me out,
Give me rest,
And direct me on your path.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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