Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Power to Do Anything by Beginning

If we can do anything it is done by beginning it.
The beginning is the first and foremost barrier; the first and foremost initiative in bringing a thing to fruition; to bring a thing to pass; to create a thing or a way of being.
The beginning, and not the end, nor the middle ground, is the most important part. In the humble surety of vision’s boldness, the power to do anything is realised at the commencement.
What is generated becomes a flow, and what flows is inertia. And as inertia builds, what gathers is momentum. And as momentum continues, the initial boldness becomes easy to maintain. Indeed, it is easier to continue the venture than it is to stop. It is easier to continue as it is rather than redirect it, though oftentimes we do need to redirect, marginally, our initial efforts.
The Power Of Starting
We are tricked by our fear and fear takes many forms. Regarding dreams and goal setting, our fears emerge in the starting. This is because the journey is all before us. All the hard work lies ahead of us. Perhaps all we see is effort with few results; the long-term goal far off.
But instead what happens, in the mere act of starting, is a new chain of events unfolds. This chain runs in support of the direction of our decision, even if we perceive some indifference of support in the first day or two. Persist and support shall be ours.
It is easy to be tricked early on, not just by our fear but by our doubting, too.
Because the momentum is with the old way, breaking out hard in determining the new way will involve resistance. Or maybe, sometimes, it won’t.
Sometimes our resolve is so definitive and decisive, with no correspondence entered into, that we begin with the surety we would have hardly perceived possible.
Sometimes our resolve is the making of the new venture.
The goal is actually being achieved much easier than we thought it would. And it was our boldness, the belief that we had the power to do anything we decided, which realised the difference.
Just Commit Today
There is perhaps a thing that remains as a conquest unachieved. It has dogged us. Part of our purpose in life is to tackle this thing; this goal. Somehow, deep down, we believe we can do it despite the doubting built upon previous failures.
Our secret is today. Our power is enrolled today. Tomorrow is no good to us. Today is the day. Today is where the power is. Tomorrow merely borrows a veneer power—a power looking like power—but this power is not of us or for us. And power can only be for us or against us.
As we commit today, not holding anything back, we swathe a new path for ourselves.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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