Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Future’s Greatest Attribute

As we exist in our everyday structures for hope we cannot help but think about what are the best investments for the future. As in playing the stock market of life we perhaps seek an advantage. How can we get rich quick? How are we best served into the future?
The best overall attribute is the penchant for curiosity.
Curiosity is the service of wonder. It is the feature of living life openly and with uncompromised functional awe. And because it is in agreement with openness it is our best chance for a voluminous future.
A Future With Big Hope
The best of hopes are big and bold, as in space for possibility. When we can approach the future with such space there are options aplenty, and because our curiosity is able to work more fully in such an environment, we have the world at our feet.
This is not necessarily a material world, for material riches are nothing to be taken for granted, but it is very much the reality of a spiritual world that serves us.
And this is no selfish service. To have the world at our feet, spiritually, is simply having a scope for the future that brims with hope, and is throbbing with curiosity. This is the future where present moments are filled with wonder enough to explore both the frightening and the boring alike. Everything that the senses pick up would be within our capacity for interest.
The best of spiritual worlds is grasped when we have a heart for exploration within the expanse of life, where no doors are closed and the possibilities exist at our fingertips.
Nurturing Curiosity
So, how might we build a future that is informed so much by curiosity?
Firstly, we need to build it as a self-concept. Having defined curiosity as an attribute that serves us well for both the present and the future, we begin to install it.
We might begin to capture essences of daily life that could be served now in curiosity. We train ourselves to be more open to the possibility. We watch our responses. When we catch ourselves in defensive mindsets, or in stubbornness, or sometimes when we get angry, we notice our vision for openness closes dramatically.
Watching for times of closed mindedness and simply wondering why is as important as commending ourselves for being openly curious. If we can see life as a study, a thing containing so much to be learned, we nurture our future now.
The best investment for the future is curiosity now. An exploratory mindset opens us to hope and it facilitates joy. Being curious also nurtures a sense of wonder; perhaps the most glorious of spiritual virtue.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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