Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Typical Day at the Office?

Hammer and nail,

tooth and tong,

climbing the paling,

something’s wrong.

As certain as grasping it,

“off” it shoots,

off to a land,

of trite and gobbled boots.

Wonder’s in our armoury,

cool shards of clay,

battle weary and blasted,

the cool light of day.

Present in the wilderness,

doubled forth and dialled,

pilfering the madness,

back in us the child.

Hellish blindness beckons,

Why attends it now?

Bottlebrush certain,

a beading, furrowed brow.

Boiling away we steam,

hurried beyond a whisper,

noting strange embers,

chiding you, miss / mister!

Away with it, make it gone,

now right away,

filing the past just now,

away where it can stay!


As real as these days are, we’d sooner be rid of them. Whether it’s something within us that’s unsettled or perhaps matters external pertaining to our relationships (or any combination of both) it doesn’t really make a difference; anger envelopes us and we do well to restrain the temptation to throttle someone or enter a bout of momentary despair.

And, still, God offers us recourse in our ‘right now’s’ and God does this via the simplicity of our active engagement with the logical mind...

“How important, really, is this issue or cloud that lingers over us?”

There are possibly no ‘typical’ days ‘at the office’; they’re all different. But whether we’re in the workplace or at home or elsewhere we will have days where our patience is sorely tried. We’ll have days where we will dismally fail our own standards.

These days too shall pass, just like those more favourable days.

Our challenge is to protect ourselves in the midst of the uncertainty of inner panic.

Just as quickly as we involve the logical mind, because we’re now aware, and have involved the will to decide for logic, the anger of frustration very soon evaporates.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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