Saturday, August 21, 2010

Simplicity – the Stress Smasher

Stress is a funny thing. It doesn’t normally present when we’re deeply saddened. It’s more like a mix of anxiety and anger – the profusion of issues, none of which get billing enough to be resolved... and so the cycle continues – until we stop it with simplicity.

There you have it; the message in its entirety.

Many might scoff at this message, thinking it impossible to simplify life. Not true. Everyone can simplify their lives and everyone should know that the God-blessed life is the simple life.

No matter how convoluted life is, it can always be lived simply. And, indeed, it can always be simplified. Truly, the only way to enjoy more success and scope and influence, anyway, is to make room for it.

The Vision for Simplicity

Picture a life with space and time. See it with things to look forward to. Every day it seems has them. Some days too will be made for us—for we will make them, i.e. we will plan two or three days in advance, and we’ll take several opportunities to do the things we want to do.

With boldness and responsibility-for-self, and not out of selfishness, we will execute such a plan.

Dismantling Simplicity

This is about making the dream a reality.

We need to believe that we can do all the things we need to do, plus some of the things we want to do—always knowing the importance of doing the things we want to do as they give us our zest for living.

  1. We run a plumbline over the things we have to do. Some of these things we don’t truly have to do. Be truthful. Some things we do out of fear or because we don’t want to disappoint people. To live more simply some people might initially be disappointed.
  2. Know that living the simple or simplified life is as much a system of trial and error as anything; only we as individuals can do it for ourselves. What is the simple life for our best friend is not what the simple life is for us. It might probably take years to achieve our vision and today is one step closer!
  3. Simplicity and the simplified life; you define it. No one else can. But we best know this. Our version of the simple life is only best optimised when it meets and aligns also with God’s version. Anything else is the complicated life.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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