Monday, August 9, 2010

Making Monday, Sunday

It must necessarily be a Monday we say this: Mondays are as good and as joyful as Sundays are, truly!

Some may think it mad to say such a preposterous thing. Indeed, we all pine for our weekends, even if our weekends happen to be Wednesdays and Thursdays as some shift-workers will have them.

Nonetheless, it is not only possible to enjoy Mondays as much as Sundays it is probable if we make it a pact with ourselves: “I will enjoy every day of my life!”

There are pleasures, opportunities and learning challenges sprinkled all through every day.

It is our God-blessed prospect to dig out the riches of life in the mix of our day to day—as it is anyone else’s. Even in a forlorn tumult we can smile from within at just how bad things are and the irony of same—this is like a reverse sarcasm that’s enshrined in humility; one that’s morally-based and certainly more functional.

Truly, every little thing we do can be enjoyed. It depends on where our minds and hearts are at. And certainly if God is there, many things are made even better still.

When we think these ways—around everything being enjoyable—we eventually form habits of praise and thanks that even astounds the angels in heaven.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

POST SCRIPT: I can honestly say I have rarely featured for Mondayitis in the last eighteen years—perhaps there were only a few small periods during that time when I truly loathed going to work. And it is always best remembering we’re discussing an ideal here; not fact-in-perfection.

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