Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thinking Like a Peer

Whilst many things in life are not equal, the fact is – for us – life still generally is. We are more alike than we’re dissimilar.

One of our biggest thinking problems­—both consciously and subconsciously—is we often compare too much. We constantly rate where we’re at with the next person or situation; the ‘pecking order’ has too much implicit priority in most of our lives.

We are significantly and personally blessed to be freed of this thinking, even per the moment.

All Are Equal

There is more similarity in life than there is difference. Sure, we can find endless fragmental arguments to overthrow that statement but the truth is we’re more one than we are divided.

The way we think and act is characteristically human. The time we spend on the things we love... the things we avoid... the things that get us into trouble; these are all basically the same ‘wherever,’ or for whoever, we are in life.

Socioeconomic standing or fame or talent splits the field but the basic living of life is done in the very same world and none can be separated from its reality.

It is beneficial to us—in all ways—to discover how similar we really are to the next person.

An Equalising Reality

Imagine thinking of our bosses or our managers-once-removed, or our children for that matter, as equals—although this is not at all referring to our respective roles and responsibilities.

We have different duties but essentially we’re the same—we’re human; no more, no less.

So why do we rate others better or worse than us? Why do we compare? Why do we treat people differently in accord with their ‘place’ in life? Why are we psyched out by the high-flyer or the rich and famous, and why do we look down upon a beggar?

These are all good questions worthy of our daily reflection and attention.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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