Monday, August 30, 2010

Praying at Midnight

The rhythm and blues of life hit unsuspectingly, yet still gorgeously. I fell completely in love with this form of loneliness a long time ago it seems... it’s perhaps always been there; isolation can be a friend sometimes; indeed, the very best of friends, for this isolation is set apart to God.

Communication at a soul level is the work of God in the presence of one person, fumbling with their take on reality.

Tapping into this is understanding the magic tricks woven into the tapestry of life itself.

Being Cosmically Alone

Being cosmically alone, knowing that one day I’ll return, ‘recalled’ to the state of my initial affairs... there’s absolutely nothing to fear. This is the eternal prayer, and just now I’m practicing that presence—that Presence of the Almighty swimming all over my soul.

“Naked I came... and naked I will depart,” said Job (1:21).

Naked Simplicity

Nakedness is the simplicity of knowing we’re forever with God as individual spiritual entities. We are cosmically alone with God—though we’re currently being transported through this continuum known possibly as ‘physical worldly life’.

We thank God for our loved ones, families, friends and peers—our world—but we also understand a world we cannot understand is forever beckoning.

Praying at midnight in the silence—as the world around us appears to sleep—reminds us of a reality we don’t often think about, though one that’s so very true and imminent. It is the destination we’re hurtling toward.

We are not afraid of this aloneness, for it is our destiny with God—an all-loving and all-encompassing God; one we trust with all our heart.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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