Monday, August 9, 2010

The Birthing Process

Several months ago I was brought to a worrying cusp on a theological issue; I had a common though exclusive view on a matter that I was not prepared—at that time—to relinquish. It is interesting the patience of God in these areas of life. Only more recently has more information come to light to ease me into the grace that God’s now prepared for, beginning back then, in me.

And it’s true for all of us.

There are birthing processes for many numbers of things; matters right now we might find unpalatable—but some time later can truly come to accept.

This is very much about watching and waiting upon the signs that God’s providing. Perhaps it can be viewed as the alignment of life and those things being brought gradually to our attention.

We don’t know how things will be for us tomorrow, let alone six months from now, but we can commit now (and forever) to reason.

We don’t know it all—we’ll never know it all.

New thoughts, concepts and entire paradigms are being constructed, changed and moved all the time if we’ll notice and attend pliably.

This is the matter of learning and growth—the most important of all God’s purposes for us.

We know God to be a shepherd, a healer and provider; is God not also a mid-wife?

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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