Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taking Possession of Peace

“Something good has begun.”

~Cat Stevens, Peace Train, 1971.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.”

~John 14:27 (NIV).

Peace. It’s the most magnificent of studies, truly it is. There is nothing that comes to compare to peace—that foreboding feeling of tranquil wellbeing.

Peace is a possession we need to take. We attain it and maintain it.

It is, so far as Cat Stevens is concerned, the full and flourishing function of hope, “thinking about the good things to come.”

The longer life goes the more we can rest in this understanding: that peace is ours, in and through Jesus, which is a spiritual peace that lives in harmony with all the causes of life, accepting the purposes of God in the continuum known as life.

In this state we cannot fight, but we do accept. (And, yet, if we do need to fight we do so peacefully, with much respect and love.)

Acceptance is now our default way. We’re sick of fighting and the longer we venture from those fighting shorelines the less they bear on our memories.

Peace is a choice for peace. It is understanding, at last, that peace is the final frontier of a soul that yearns for, and is at home with, God.

Peace is what we live for.

Believe now that peace can be taken freely because it has been given freely. It is the right of every person in accord with their deeds here on earth. And, still, God forces peace on no one.

Let us live peacefully to sow into further revelations of this peace of God. For this peace knows no bounds and that hope-filled peace that perhaps we once had, and only now recall, is ours to be had soon again.

And if we’ve never had it, peace Jesus now gives us. Let’s learn to work it out; let’s get passionate about it.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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