Thursday, August 12, 2010

Butter Soft with Lion Courage

The recipe for spiritual life success is achieving knife-edge balance between surrender and resilience; the situational bases of pliable softness of emotional malleability with the courage to hold firm and fast.

This is a tremulous challenge of balance to strive for, to correct any overbalance. We’re always teetering on the edge, our natures threatening to go one side or the other, misaligning to the situational need. We’re hard when we ought be soft and vice versa.

But, both these above—at their right time—are genuinely the very best of ‘their’ given situation.

How fantastic it is to achieve the above balance.

We’ll at once be correctly disposed to all our situations and the people we interact with, able to respond instinctually to each moment’s ingenious design—as, indeed, each of them come.

The Ingredients and Method of This ‘Recipe’

What ingredients will we need to compile this culinary creation of a morally-spiritual balance to die for?

We’ll certainly need courage and the command of the will to be decisive as each opportunity affords. We’ll need a pinch or two of insight to season our approaches and the added courage to bring about the right consistency of action to bear at just the right times.

It’s beginning to run smoothly off the spoon.

The beautiful blend we’re after before we thrust the character mix into the oven to cook (i.e. habituate) is sweet to the taste and light and fluffy to the touch. It is attractive and palatable to all.

It’s the spiritual ideal of moral maturity unto effective management of life.

In Real Terms

What this really means is we’ve got both responses covered as they’re needed—the soft and hard.

We can be emotionally vulnerable as the situation demands it, whilst in other situations we’re decided, firm and rigid. Both are confirming our courage, just in different ways. We’re seen by others, then, as being both as soft as ambient butter but with the courage of a lion; accordant to each delicious situation.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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