Monday, August 23, 2010

Being in Graceland

“And my traveling companions,

are ghosts and empty sockets,

I’m looking at ghosts and empties,

but I’ve reason to believe,

we all will be received

in Graceland.”

~Paul Simon, Graceland (1986).

It seems to me to be the hardest thing known to life in this cantankerous world—to respond gracefully or winsomely in any number of typically offensive situations.

And the maddening thing is, when we cooperate with God through a full surrender to the Spirit’s way, we will know how paradoxically easy is the issuing of grace, and how amazingly silly—from an embarrassed and reconciled retrospect—is the offensive response.

Still we can smile. We got it finally!

Both responses are at opposite sides of the spiritual universe—one carnal, the other divine.

Rather than going by Paul Simon’s song, where he’s going to Graceland—the journey to grace—we can be in Graceland any time we want by being in the Spirit. It becomes us in an instant.

It’s truly about giving our wills away... not always, because many times our wills might actually match God’s will... just the times when we’re not thinking God’s thoughts at all.

Give it away... the God-estranged will. It’s a loser every time.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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