Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Created perfect, knit to design,

shades of grey we’re not,

truth be known we fall into line,

the Saviour’s made us without spot.

This is you and this is me,

aside for want to grow,

knowing God’s moulded us free,

accepting same minds then know.

God’s marvelling up in the heavens,

considering Divinity’s hand,

to see us here striding around,

joy are the angels in God’s masterpiece band.

Why do we get so despairingly down,

when truth as this presents?

The master of mischief is close at hand,

wanting us to think we’re peasants.

Looking atop the wall at the art,

contending we do at the splendour,

not for a moment do we begin to start,

noticing the self on life’s wall tender.

Suddenly – a moment – bliss-filled aware,

the Spirit’s light bulb flashes on,

imagine it for a moment, we think and dare,

nothing could ever be wrong!

This is us when God’s got sway,

perfection’s hardly the point,

God’s calling us to live this day,

the way of God’s anoint!


Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

How shameful it is that we so readily run to master of mischief when the Lord of glory has made us already so perfectly and tender. The human body and mind is nothing short of a conglomeration of continuous miracles all working in unison.

Why do we never just gasp in awe of what the Creator’s done in us?

The human heart has faculties for will and for choice second to none other, that this world knows. And surely we know how inherently crooked the heart is, but just as much we decide for virtue, most especially when God’s kept in sight.

Apart from our vagrant wills we are masterpieces. In the cognisance of Christ, what’s more, we’re without spot or blemish even to the subject of these vagrant wills of ours.

Physical Beauty

To the observances of physical beauty God thinks we’re stunning just the way we are. Nothing truly more need be said on that matter. Are we seeing in the mirror who God sees?

We Are the Masterpieces

We are all beloved masterpieces of God to every last one. Not one is exempt. All are loved equally. Who would we be to cast aspersions upon the ‘limits’ of God’s grace either on ourselves or others?

Let’s admit this to ourselves, now and often:

We are wonderful just the way we presently are!

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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