Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Everyone finds it easy to stand until time comes to lift a foot and close the eyes. Suddenly, balance is required; as if standing on a precipice.

Life begins when things become difficult or exciting. If we’re not careful there are maladies that sweep us off axis in difficulty, excitement or boredom. What more is there to life?

Best it is to have a response fit for each of these three situations—difficulty, excitement and boredom. Our whole lives—our series of spacewalks—become exquisite ornaments to God that way.


Anger’s cost is too hard to bear. That is the definition of regret.

The only worthy form of anger (that of indignation) still falls for the trap of all forms; for the feeling person there’s the sense that we overstepped the mark in our fury, which set itself on the truth without love to calm the approach.

When truth is unfettered by the emotions it is quickly betrayed, king-hit.

The cost of anger is we have to come back and revisit the embarrassment of it all. Better to calm down in the moment of torment and brace for wisdom. That alone shall see us through. Pause, and button the lips, just one moment longer.


Adulation catches many of us out. Soapbox moments reap for the overexposed person a protracted spotlight and a growing quiet disdain from onlookers. The longer the time in the spotlight, the worse the folly becomes.

Let’s not exalt, nor call excess attention to, ourselves when we’re on show. Best to reveal snippets of skill and poise; let it be revealed at life’s pace, not our own.

Fleeting spotlights reveal our charm; a moment longer and it vanishes into thin air.


Giving just enough away without keeping secrets is a discerning taste interpersonally measured. It is neither elevated nor enigmatic. There is humility. It is an appropriate level of... well... poise. But poise can only ever be “appropriate.” So, therefore, is humility—appropriate.


Wonders today,

Wonders always,

Wonders never cease.

Prizing wonder,

Seen above all,

In that is always peace.


Dark night precedes the light,

Cherished glow it becomes,

Mystery dark becoming bright,

Spirit forward hums.


Gentleness will break bones and pierce hearts much before force. Power’s in the be-ing, not the telling.

Power’s known by what it leaves; its legacy. Gentleness just achieves far more, for it leaves attribution to others, not forcing them to feel what they don’t.


Day becomes night and night becomes day,

And so on and so forth thousands of times,

That’s what we’ll pray about night and day,

Longward it’s hoped life rhymes.

The living of life is a repetitive experience, the veritable “Groundhog Day” phenomenon (after the 1993 movie of the same name). Nobody takes much notice until the end approaches, and as the view changes—the beckoning of the tunnel’s end—there is a sudden urgency.

Why not live that urgency now?

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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