Saturday, January 22, 2011

Position “A” for Peace

The Why-How of Patience is pretty simple. Thankfulness provides the why; diligence the how. When patience is secured, so then is peace.

Then there was hope...

Hope provides intrinsic basis for thankfulness and beneath it can be the explanation for the patient way. It makes happy experience real; nothing manufactured and no pretence about it.

Hope is a hero. But life doesn’t begin at hope, necessarily. Faith can sow by taking a love-felt risk, perhaps aspirated with a sniff of hope. It generates reason for hope—the occurrence.

Faith – hope – love. That construct: the basis and explanation of all things good in the virtuous realm.

Patience’s Great Why – Thankfulness

When we’re thankful no effort is required to live. It’s a joy to be here. The best portions of patience are enjoyed in this space, for patience is easy when it’s not clamouring for things beyond it.

Reversing the image what’s found is the abject depressive episode and the resolve of patience is found impossible. Whilst it might be recognised it cannot be reconciled. There the ability for patience is strength that one does not have. Without thankfulness, patience—and therefore, peace—is doubly hard to achieve.

The other component is diligence—the ‘how’ to get there.

Patience’s Great How – Diligence

Times we’re not thankful—and there are many of those—there’s a back-up character ingredient to invest in. Secondary to thankfulness it requires a choice, and therefore discipline. Yes, responses to life that a manufactured. This is not easy for most people... possible, just not easy.

Diligence is a doddle when thankfulness feeds our mood. These two are like domino cause (thankfulness) and effect (diligence).

Getting back to our reverse image above—the depressive episode—there was a resolve for patience missing that would’ve been there because of thankfulness. With diligence is a second chance, even as it goes alone, but only with a strong mind knowing the will of God—despite the glum mood—to do what is deemed by the overall situation as patient.

Natural resolve for thankfulness—artificial resolve in diligence. One’s a gift, a blessing; the other’s empowered via a mind acclimatised to resolve—a trained thing.

The Web to Peace

There are many ways through the web to peace. Some are natural and occur without any work i.e. in the mood of thankfulness. Others are quite artificial, but besides the effort required equal can be the presence of peace found—adjudged to diligence.

Position “A” for Peace is the way of wholesome patience... and there are two ways there; one easy, the other harder but not impossible.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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