Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Great Way to Spend the Day

Finish the sentence: A great way to spend the day is...

Like most people I have my definite ideas on how to answer that prompt. A day alone to bask in God’s Presence, to whistle spiritually and have the Lord whisper gently though persistently. This is a day in nature, walking, sitting at the beach, sipping coffee at a serene cafĂ©, the incessant trickle of a water feature; senses titillated by things of physical reality as they evidence their way into my spirituality.

Or it’s a date with my wife; time for some shopping, a movie; a meal. Dating a daughter is no close third—it’s as special as it gets—times for the ever-increasing bond to be enjoyed as their personhood is established in adulthood.

Special times them all...

A Bond Owed

The point is it is individual. There is bond we owe ourselves as we live this life. It’s finding those perfect things in the natural environment that get us hooked up with God.

This bond is sown deep in our hearts and it begs to be freed and made known.

Again, most people know what it is—they can have it materialise artificially... but the challenge is to be devoid of materialism. The pure bond—one that’s special to each person—is made known at experimentation with simplicity.

God does not owe us this bond; we owe it to ourselves—to discover it and exploit it.

In this is God known, and made known, more and more. Knowledge of God is worship. See how it’s owed to us by ourselves?

Voyage of Self-Discovery

There are two paths to the self—one good and the other not-so-good. The first is to the pure Spirit-led self, in keeping with the Presence of God. The second is a fabricated mirage—and we’ve all been to him or her many times and still do.

The voyage to self-discovery—as witnessed in “a great way to spend the day”—is revelatory. It helps us learn more about who we are and it’s a platform to who we’re becoming.

It’s no quick destination, no reaching of the sun.

How’d want to reach it anyway—the true happiness is enjoying the wondrous scenery on the way there.

A-great-way-to-spend-the-day is one way of confirming the rites of the journey.

A Platform for Helping Others

What are our lives if not for helping others, certainly in as much as others have helped us?

God always blesses the voyage of self-discovery more as it’s appended to the desire, out of it, to give to others.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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