Thursday, January 13, 2011

Enjoy Quality – Challenge Quantity

The numbers cut it, don’t they? What a cheap joke that the devil plays on all of us fooled to that account. Sure, I’ve coveted the numbers and owned the slogan ‘too much is never enough,’ but it’s a pure folly when we reach the end of ourselves. And that time comes to the blessed.

Life is mastered in that still, quiet spirit of contentment for quality—the simple, little thing full of life’s cogent majesty!

Enjoy Quality

Whatever is decorous is plain to our sight. It needs no improvement whatsoever as it stands as a thing admired. Why is it that sunsets and waves breaking on a shore pleasure the senses so?

Such things of unadorned splendour make for marvelling. A simple wonder is known for a bright bunch of flowers, for the wistful breeze with a reflective moment and a fly innocently walking along the arm tickling its follicles. The beauty of simplicity is defined individually, and that alone is proof of God—the veracity of unique perception.

What is plain to sight and sound is to be enjoyed. What use is life without it?

Challenge Quantity

In just about every area of life quantity is an aberration for success. It promises much but it’s hollow. What looks great on paper, especially by comparison, does nothing for the soul.

For this reason it’s appropriate to challenge all the quantity life offers... more money (less love), more employees (less time for each one), more work hours (less time at home), even more exegetical Bible study (less time experiencing the Presence of God) etc.

Too much of any good thing is too much.

More is no longer more. Less is the new more. Less gives more and promises more, because like the long following distance behind the car in front there is more vision than the person tail-gating gets. There’s a wide perspective afforded and it’s not a useless luxury; it’s a spiritual necessity.

Enjoying More with Less

Free from the material constraints of this world—and even beyond the physical things acquired—those enjoying more with less are living as God designed life to be lived.

Endless series’ of acquisitions, mergers, shuffling and sorting merely represent the mouse on its wheel, spinning to the droning rhythm of a fractious world pulling the puppet strings.

Enjoying the space of a will freed in doing just what is right to be done—with due diligence and no shirking—is the God-blessed life.

Eradicate the predilection for numbers.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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