Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eternity in One Single Moment

“But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day.”

~Benjamin Disraeli.

Not good news for the depressed. But it is great news for the person wanting to extract the last pinprick from life. The fact is the weary know this truth more than most—for their moments drag ineluctably. Each hour hangs eternally on the wall—3,600 long seconds every one. There is just as powerful a positive:

The Positive Power of a Million Different ‘Eternities’

Though God’s placed us into the quantum realm of time there is before us great evidence of the infinity of eternity. This is known never more practically than via the vastness in the range of human and situational response variables.

Hang with me.

In other words, the eternal DNA in a single moment means the immediate future cannot be predicted. There are too many possibilities.

Any divisible second sees us able to choose thousands of ways to act or react.

Time is not the constraint. Our imaginations, and things like physics, are the only limit. Time only dictates the span—how long we have.

How is it that we can waste inordinate chunks of time and still have plenty left to do what we need to do? For one person this doesn’t apply to there are ten it does. (And still, these things are robbed from the few—only to confound us.) There are many second chances of practical grace available for the slow learner in us; we all tend to be a bit slow to learn life lessons.

A person can decide to about-face their lives any moment they choose. That’s power you can’t buy. Actually following through with the decision is where life gets tough.

Magnifying Each Minute

What is exhausting is equally exhilarating. Either perspective is viewable.

There’s no sense in being swept away in exhaustion; it’s best to find enough restful instants and come at life as fresh as can be. Those enlivened flashes of eternity are laid captive by God-blessed choice.

Each minute can then be perfect—it comes down to mere perception. What use is there in seeing anything reduced to waste? It’s better to see the purpose in even the darkest second. There’s no point to thought otherwise. Why regret if it’s not taking us somewhere positive; to a learned objective?

For every experience known to life there is an accounting. This is an echo in eternity. It can be seen as ‘judgment’ if we want a negative view. Turning it around, everything’s meaningful. Nothing is wasted. Life is lived live. There’s nothing pretentious.

As reflective effort is added to life there are myriads of different attributions for one single action. That alone is a diverse mystery.

This life is thick with meaning and much of it is totally beyond us. And that’s okay.

The minutes are magnified whether we like it or not, and if we can just see that, we can gain so much more for life.

As far as understanding’s concerned, this is not even the start of it.

But one thing remains: the world is yours, my friend!

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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