Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Secrets We Have With Ourselves

Everybody has them despite personal pride,

Moments where want negates truth to deny,

When choice is deliberate – reality to hide,

Or the unconscious state within – one normal to rely.

Every now and then we seem to get away,

Streakiness problems emerge from self-trust,

Times when discipline somehow goes astray,

When sense of accountability might better be the thrust.

Nagging voice within challenges the prevailing way,

It’s up to the conscience how it’s going to end,

Self-honesty’s the position where our hopes will lay,

Wisdom comes to the fore with which now to commend.


It’s surprising how many times people justify themselves. It’s the greater part of wisdom to know ourselves. So, we have ways of succeeding at life but what’s required is humility—the skill of self-honesty. Then self-discipline is the key in following through what the conscience is saying.

First awareness, then action.

The Pathology of the Human Mind

Awareness Lapses – Secrets of Unawareness

Unconsciously the mind makes routine decisions. Some of these there’s not even referral to the conscious mind so the conscience has a chance to make an appropriate adjustment ordered by self-honesty. The brain goes from beta (conscious or focused) thinking to alpha (auto-pilot or dreamy) thinking with habitual eventuality. This is awareness that flattens for cognitive ignorance... when the lights are on but no one’s at home. It’s human nature.

Action Lapses – Secrets Against the Conscience

Add to the awareness problem the mind’s twisted venture of ‘sneaking’ home a secret; the giving way to temptation.

Ninety-five times in a hundred we get away with shortcuts the conscience first alerts us to, but it’s a risky habit to perpetuate. Most honest people are caught on the back foot—in some awkward situations. Once credibility (reputation) is lost on certain stages it can be impossible to make up—the trust betrayed takes an eternity (it seems) to restore.

So there are two problems.

To these two we use difference tactics, but rigour for both—mental for the former and moral for the latter. The fact is we do conjure, develop and keep secrets and these have the potential to wreak havoc in our lives and relationships, not to mention they’re wrong.

The accountable life is the reliable and right life. It looks out for self-deceit and won’t want a bar of it. Overall wisdom contends better than risk. That life will be the blessed existence.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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