Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Habit Changing via Air Flight

The story goes like this: A change of scenery is imagined and a trip envisaged, which is the desire for change. Planning goes into it: when, how, with whom, and the costs to be saved etc. This is the planning that goes into ensuring a solid life change that’s embarked upon. No expense of care is spared.


Finally the day comes to trip-off. Nervous excitement fills expectation.

The airport is reached by taxi. As the driver is paid and way is made for the terminal, the luggage in tow comprises those items helping to bring about change; anything to support it.

Check-in is the matter of formalising the commitment for change. No turning back now. As security checks are made via x-ray, opportunities at travel are validated—pass with flying colours.

Sitting in the departure lounge before boarding and an array of thought ranges through the mind. What’s been and what’s to be done. Reflection is the way for nagging doubts or affirmations of strength—one or the other—designed to choice.

Boarding announcements are made; the walk aboard the aircraft brings a new environment. The change is officially embarked upon—‘moment one’ commenced.

The Flight

Pre-flight safety instruction is given and there’s vital cognisance to what’s being entered into. The fear of imminent failure is managed by courage.

As the aircraft takes-off down the runway at full thrust there’s equivalent trepidation in entering the phase of first real challenge—change’s set to get wind under its wings.

Initial views issue a sweaty-palmed mix of nervous excitement as the aircraft banks and climbs. Full reality is harnessed in the mind, scary as that moment seems.

Reaching cruising altitude occurs with quick ease; as does the change with days and the initial weeks safely negotiated. Auto-pilot can now be engaged, but only under standard flying conditions. We’re wary of inclement weather and mid-air turbulence, which are the sifting, shifting temptations that cause threat of plummeting to the ground. Otherwise auto-pilot is fine, that is, until the destination approaches and is reached.

For many the flight is long, and twisted are the airways to the hoped-for destination. With recourse to turbulence there is no giving up when the goal’s to be realised in the end.


The purpose of air-flight is to land safely at the other end.

The destination of life change is the attainment of the goal—the full incorporation of all the matters of change. This is the position of acceptance where there’s no want of return. There’s indeed an aversion against returning.

Many a landing’s negotiated with volatile wind-shear and this one’s good for it. So are changes implicit of struggle. The landing doesn’t need to be pretty, just effective.

Landing is the objective. Even with giving away addictive patterns there’s reached a place of settling. No more are there to be flights of fancy taken. Change is locked down, and with finality. The will has won and the Spirit’s power is added to it.

There’s no use in landing unless the destination brings a happy contentment with it. Safe ground is the idea for established change. Fresh air is found acceptable.

And then we go onto the next thing... plan for the next flight...

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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