Sunday, March 14, 2010

Waking with Hope Every Day

I CAN GENUINELY SAY I WAKE WITH HOPE EVERY SINGLE DAY. And this is not just some simple brag about my relationship about God—it’s even more fundamental and practical than even that really.

I look forward to waking each day to reflect in quiet, write, interact with people at distance and plan my day. It’s almost the only time when there is peace and quiet. I’m other people’s property generally for the remainder of the day, barring some brief download time interspersed between.

Waking with hope every day is achievable as I’ve known it as my reality for a few years now, with only fleeting exception. The morning early on is the best part of my day.

Whatever it is that gets you going, out of bed and into vogue for the day ahead—may I encourage you. Dig deeply into it. Enjoy the exploration into the broader, more specific “you.”

What is it about you that can make this daily event more you—more spiritual?

Waking with hope every day is not only a possibility for everyone, it’s a probability that is realised when we design our life with intent and purpose, uncovering what it is that makes us tick.

And this is about momentum. Gradually as we pick up speed and deal with the inevitable wheel shimmy of trial and error, gathering ourselves along the straits of life, focussing on pattern and our routine, we find our way to the stunning reality—the day we’ve long dreamed of. Each day is getting better and better.

Morning person or not; God can help us envision the reality and strategise our way there. The best thing is when we start our days in this hope-filled and strident way things rarely turn ugly from there as the inertia of grace beneath our wings brings us to maintain effective velocity of spirit.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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