Monday, March 22, 2010

The TICKET of Difference

We try all our lives to establish the credibility to foist with ardour our own opinion—yet the world hardly listens. We get cross and foist our opinions even more, not getting the point; the world is hardly interested because we haven’t yet earned our stripes.

The ticket to difference—the right to make statements of fact none have known (in our generation) before—is necessarily about simply working small and expanding that circle of influence.

It’s of trust in doing well, little by little.

No one ever successful does so overnight. Susan Boyle’s success might’ve seemed this way, but that’s far from the reality of it. Indeed, she waited in line much longer than most with commensurate ability. She’s waited what seems like an eternity to use her ticket of difference—indeed a ticket of much (infinite) difference.

If we have goods or wares that are different, unique and solemnly founded, we too will rise to the top in our given lives; such a world we have that there are a trillion ways to do this—a zillion different destinations of success. Locales of bliss all of them. We’re all on the road.

If we look about us in reaching these ‘dizzy heights’ we’ll soon see we have a credibility that’s been hard-earned. With such a ticket of difference we tread very responsibly. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get here. We’re not wasting this opportunity. We try even harder.

And the most important fact that everyone’s to try their darnedest to remember is this:

The ticket of difference—to succeed as only you can—must come from within you. It is a visceral motion; a godly activity; anointed for you, and you alone.

And everyone has this ticket of difference within them, barring none. The code of God is there and it refuses anything but a commanding case, which makes every person in the appointed crowd stand and look your way—at that prearranged time. At this time and in this place we can, and we shall, stand and speak with confidence and assurance. God is with us and nothing can stand against us in this.

What to do now? Find your unique ticket of difference. Work on it. Hone it... for God.

Then you will eventually succeed. Then you’ll have earned your right to speak so that the world (or your world) will listen.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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